Chapter 6 of the CBCL Report “Economic Impact Analysis” section:
“Due to the existence of the Waterville Airport, Nova Scotia gained annually about:
1) $7.18 Million in GDP of which:
        a) 5.15 Million occurred in the three counties of the Valley Economic Region (VER)             with the majority being Kings County, the home of the direct jobs gained;
        b) $2.02 Million was gained in the rest of Nova Scotia.
2) $4.94 million in household income, of which:
       a) $3.98 Million was gained in the VER with the majority being gained in Kings                     County;
       b) $0.96 Million occurred in the rest of Nova Scotia.
3) 154 jobs in Nova Scotia of which:
       a) 128 occurred in the VER;
       b) 16 occurred in the rest of Nova Scotia:
All of this occurred on an annual subsidy to the airport by Kings County of $60,000.”

This airport is a significant economic driver and a value to all Annapolis Valley citizens!
The flight school at Waterville Airport, Greenwood Flight Centre, offers programs by which students can qualify for provincial and federal student loans! That means that aspiring pilots don’t have to leave home to get their pilot’s license.

The following businesses, organizations, etc in the Annapolis Valley will be affected by the closure of the airport:
Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Aerotec Engines – Halifax, Atlantic Avionics, Atlantic Charter Service, Canadian Helicopters, Capital Airways, Civil Aviation Search and Rescue Association, Canadian Coast Guard, Department of National Defence, Department of National Resources, Easson’s Transport, Eastern Air Services, FP Innovations, Forest Patrol, Fox Harbour Developments, Fugro Airborne Surveys, Dick Killam Photography, Greenwood Flight Centre, Atlantic Skydiving School, Central Valley Aviation, The Irving Family, Medical Evacuation Flights and EMS, Merks’ Transport, Moncton Flight College, New Brunswick Department of Transportation, Nova Scotia Community College, Nova Scotia Power, Prince Edward Air, Provincial Airlines Ltd, RCMP, Valley Search and Rescue, Vision Air Services, Willowdale Farms, ACA, and more.