About the Taskforce

 At the AVFA meeting 16 March 2014 the following was moved by Gary Dunfield, seconded and passed by the members.

“I move that the AVFA create a task force to examine, research and seek
solutions, both short term and long term for the continuing presence of an
airport approximately mid-way between Debert and Digby suitable for general
aviation.  I further move that the AVFA president be ex-officio of the task
force and that Christoph Both be asked to call the first meeting of
interested parties as soon as reasonably possible.  I also move that the all
parties interested in the presence of an airport in this area, including,
but not limited to current airport hangar owners, current airport business
owners, a representative from WACL and FoA be invited to join us on this
task force.” – 
Gary Dunfield

The Ideas about the task force presented at the meeting were:

DEFINE OR BEING DEFINED? In order for our response to remain sensitive to individual input but remain unified as a single voice it will be crucial that we as a collective respond to the continuing evolution of an airport in Kings County by developing several option, each followed up with a dedicated team of individuals.

TASK FORCE: In their pursuit to exert continuous pressure on their varying targets, task force teams would welcome and bring back to the association outside expertise and additional support where needed.

PRACTICE: It is suggested to adopt a schedule of bi-weekly meetings to update full membership on the progress of the individual teams. Common ground can so be shared, duplication of efforts avoided, new input encouraged and regularly integrated into a common voice, handled by a PR team.

COMPREHENSIVE VIEW: In order to keep up the pressure at several fronts at the same time, it is suggested that we pursue several actions at the same time.

General Aviation for the Annapolis Valley – COPA Flight 147