The Provincial Government announced late on June 11, 2013 that:

Report Cover
The province and the Municipality of the County of Kings are looking for another location for the Waterville Airport.
They made the decision today (June 11th) after an update to council on the Waterville Airport study.
Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister, Graham Steele, says they will look at the best options for the municipality, Valley and province….

You can see the complete News Release at
Nova Scotia Government News Release Site

The final report can be download at:
Final Report in pdf format 3 Mbytes

The same night the Kings County Municipal Council passed two motions related to the Airport.

  1. A feasibility study is to be done on moving the Airport to CFB Greenwood (this implies no commitment)
  2. Meetings are to be held between the Council, the Province, the Study consultants (CBCL), the Waterville Airport Coop, and Michelin Tire (note the AVFA and the public were not included)

The Council Warden stated that there is intention to include the Public in the future but no time was set.