Waterville Airport Co-operative Limited (WACL)

Unified Policy Statement Regarding
Kings County Municipal Airport (CCW3)

After 14 months, and numerous discussions with:
. the members of Waterville Airport Co-operative Limited,
. the members of the Annapolis Valley Flying Association (AVFA) , and
. the Friends of Aviation (FoA)
(collectively, referred to as citizen stakeholders)

the WACL board of directors has unanimously adopted this policy statement that meets the requirements and desires of the vast majority of these many citizen stakeholders. It is as follows:

Part A
WACL is officially requesting and urging each councilor of the Municipality of the county Kings, to consistently work at, and make official votes that seek to fulfill the following:
1. Relocate CCW3 to a location east of Waterville, (prefer on valley floor).
2. Provide a viable long term traditional Municipal Airport, with:
           a) Transport Canada Certification
           b) Expandable with space for business, and friendly toward business.
           c) 5000′ runway
           d) 24/365 maintained
           e) Easy fly-in access without special permission.
3. Operate the old facility for 60 days, after the new airport is open.
4. Ensure that current business and hangar owners are compensated fairly.

Part B
WACL is requesting that all citizen stakeholders work and communicate in a reasonable and professional manner; yet, to individually be persistent and stay focused on only the four paramount issues, in Part A. All with a goal to ensuring that they are accomplished, in a timely and orderly manner.

Part C
Following the successful conclusion of Part A, WACL would like to engage in an ongoing dialog with the Municipality of the County of Kings to ensure that CCW3 is a strong asset for the county and ALL of its citizens in terms of: recreation, business development, education, transportation, and positive tax base (with a positive cash flow for the county).

Officially Adopted by the WACL July 28, 2013