Annapolis Valley Flying Association (AVFA) Meeting

10 August Meeting – Waterville Firehall
in concert with  

  • Waterville Airport Cooperative Limited (WACL),
  • Hanger Owners Group (HOG) and
  • AVFA Taskforce

Gordon Squires (GS), WACL
Walter Isenor (WI), AVFA
Gary Dunfield (GD), Taskforce AVFA
Tom Goddard (TG), HOG

There were about 26 members in attendance

Gordon Squires chaired the meeting and announced that WACL has joined HOG in its legal action with the Municipality of Kings (MOK) to ask courts to uphold the contract between WACL and MOK for operating the Waterville Airport,


  1. WACL Board wants to verify that the WACL membership is in agreement with our  various executive efforts.
  2. Update everyone on the WACL/HOG joint effort to legally defend the existing legal contract between WACL and MOK, which is in effect until late 2015.
  3. HOG update everyone on the WACL/HOG counter proposal to MOK
  4. Discuss and update if AVFA and AVFA-TF are in agreement and will they be officially joining these efforts.
  5. At a recent joint executive meeting (of our CCW3 groups). It was suggested that we should rally the various memberships behind WACL. (It was stated that WACL is the only incorporated structure at CCW3, and it was put in place by CCW3 aviators to run an airport.) If so, WACL would welcome new members and their input, but the other groups need to discuss and decide for themselves.
  6. What are AVFA-TF future plans? Gary had indicated that there might be a change. All would certainly be interested
  7. Update everyone on the attached new WACL committee and initiative
  8. If the groups decide to unify behind the WACL-ATC and Counter-offer, I stated that l would want Gary/Christoph and Walter to attend and input at future WACL Board meetings.

Tom Goddard read the response to MOK Council passage of it Airport Strategy as distributed via email to AVFA, WACL and HOG. This is a counter proposal to be send to the MOK council.

Discussion of Counter Proposal
– Concern that a new groups (not WACL) needed to negotiate with CFB Greenwood as required in the MOK Strategy else there will be no extension of the closure date by the MOK.
– It was pointed out by Walter Isenor that CFB Greenwood estimates a two year period needed to get complete approval at all levels of DND if there is an agreement.
– Perhaps WACL will not be acceptable to MOK due to its legal suit of MOK now.
– Another comment criticized WACL and AVFA for doing nothing for the airport in the past. A pro-business group separate from the current organization would be a better match to what is needed.
– We have no idea what CFB Greenwood will be able to provide so it is too early to agree to go there.
– COMOX is not a model for General Aviation at CFB Greenwood. WI pointed out that they recognize that COMOX is not the model to use.
– WACL is the only incorporated group and best to mount an effort to establish a new location for general aviation in the Valley. It may have to change is some ways.

WACL has set up an Airport Transition Committee (ATC) to replace the one that the MOK eliminated in its ‘Stategy’. It will be headed by Paul Easson, who was chair of the MOK committee. Paul is dedicated to promoting, maintaining general aviation in the Valley area. Pdf document describing the ATC

Before more discussion and a vote was taken on the Counter Proposal, a sign-up sheet was passed around for participants to list their affiliation.

Motion for a Counter Proposal to the MOK Airport Strategy

Tom Goddard read out point by point,  the counter offer to MOK.
During the process items were changed and amended before voting.
The ‘Counter Offer’ was approved as given in the pdf document linked HERE.

Adjourned at 4:30 pm