AVFA Taskforce meeting
26 July 2014

Chairman: Gary Dunfield
Present: 18 persons

There was no agenda put forth
The session was devoted to discussion of events, attitudes, and most effective effort.

QUESTION: What is going to be done with the airport land not used by a Michelin expansion?
No one had an answer or had heard of plans and all other comments were unsubstantiated rumor.

QUESTION: What is going to happen at the July 29 special meeting of Kings County Council?
No one knows but maybe an offfer with provisions attached. The councilor don’t seem to know so the In-camera session will likely be long.

Tuesday’s meeting is likely to be very important so as many as possible should be there.
One member has  sent a letter to Michelin North America requesting information on plans for Nova Scotia but has had no reply.

Walter Isenor has talked to people at Greenwood and there is not likely be any move for two years and there is no winter storeage.

Cyril Mosher reported that he has talked to the council to determine how to present a petition. The recommendation is to get it on the agenda. A letter to the warden will be sent. Not likely to see it until Septemeber.

The RFQ’s for the Relocation Committee are still on a provincial desk so there will be more delays.

5000 Pamphlet have arrived and need to be distributed.  Pick them up at the airport.
Roadside signs are still available – put them in highly visible spots. Also at the airport.

Gary’s observation after talking to many councilors. They see no option that will keep Waterville Aiport open. They will not back out of their decision. The only hope is a delay. There is also a hint that aviators will have take control of the relocation effort.

Comment: One pilot was disappointed that the Greenwood option has been rejected by the Taskforce.

Walter Isenor has talked with people at Greenwood:  Greenwood has been very cooperative is trying to accommodate aviators. But it is necessary to have more that 5-6 owners move to Greenwood if it comes to that. But the agreement will have to be all new and not like any other CFB agreement. It is given that there will be a satisfactory agreement and the time delay will be more than a year to accommplish. The MOK is negotiating a 25 year agreement but can be terminated in 30 days by DND.

Gary: A new group have to be formed by aviators to take over the guiding of aviation in the Valley but we have to have a delay to get the process done. Vision of what it will be is not clear.

Next MOK Relocation Committee meeting is on 1st August at 1 pm in the County Building usually in the Orchard Room. If you wish to present to the committee contact them 7-14 days ahead. Three presenters for 10 minutes at the beginning. Space taken for the next meeting.

Next Meeting: two weeks on Saturday. August 9th

Adjourned 12 noon