Airport Taskforce Meeting
12 July 2014 – 10 am Waterville Airport

Chair: Gary Dunfield
18 members present

Relocation Committee Meeting – 4 July: (many members present) No major decision – The province has not returned the draft Proposal. (See Taskforce email)

MOK Council Meeting – 8 July:  no announcement about airport
Council passed a resolution gagging Council members from talking to Hanger owners group. See report on the Taskforce email list.
Next Council meeting not until September (no meeting in August)
Next Relocation Committee meeting 1st of August

Hanger Owners Group:
HO lawyer advised client to not talk about the case before the courts
Press Release: 10 July in Berwick Register – also see
The case against MOK is proceeding

CFB Greenwood:
Walter Isenor met with Major Mike Deutsch who was asked to inquire as to what other Canadian Forces Base (CFB) did with civil aviation on the base. Brian Hirtle was present from the MOK council. There was an area selected that could be suitable for civil aviation but only for tie-down for aircraft owners. A security pass will be needed. The total operational cost per year is estimated to be $40-100k per year.

CFB Comox is often mentioned but there is no civil aviation other than a commercial operation there.

Saxon Street Air Strip:
The runway is being moved and lengthened to 2500 ft. It is a grass strip and, at present, there are three aircraft to be there. Other aircraft can be accommodated. It is unlikely this will become a paved runway or an airport.

Cyril Mosher is having 50 billboard type signs made including legs. They will be here next week. Let Cyril know if you are willing to post one of the signs. Donations to pay for the signs are welcome.

Legal Action:
Legal action by the Airport Taskforce had been suggested as a means to keep the airport from closing. Ted Davison had talked to a couple of lawyers willing to evaluate the situation. Their conclusion was that there is no case for a suit on governance of the MOK council. No one has written to the N.S. Obudsman but doubtw were voice as to its effectiveness with respect to keeping CCW3 open.

Round Table:
Gary mentioned that it would be a good time to try to get another round table meeting and attempt to get some Provincial help. MLA Keith Irving is the go between.

Ann Goddard mentioned that Michelin has a program in Pictou County to help build small business. In contrast the threat of expansion by Michelin has contributed to destroying the Waterville airport and associated businesses. Perhaps we need to ask them how they justify this action. See – the contact person is John Tully in New Glasgow. (Note of Interest: the website is created by ‘Your Creative People’ of Greenville, South Carolina).

Business Plan:
Part of the Taskforce’s agenda is to prepare for the future whether Waterville closes or not. This requires a business plan. This has been discussed before but with no action.

Moved by Larry Bogan, seconded by Walter Isenor
A subcommittee will be formed to look at and develop a business plan for airport facilities beyond 2014. The MOK efforts with a business plan is more limited in scope.

Council Meetings:
There will be no MOK council meetings unless a special one is called until September. However, it is very important that we show our faces and make presentations. The next opportunity will be the next Relocation Committee meeting on the 1st of August. If you arrange a presentation with the committee you will be on the agenda and not placed at the end of the meeting.

Airport Brochure or Flyer.
The brochure put together by Peter Austin-Smith was shown around and it was decided to get a quantity printed (about 5000). The cost will not be great but distribution will be expensive. Many members said they would be willing to go door to door to get them out. Gary Dunfield will arrange the printing.

IMPORTANT: Look at the Brochure (copy on the webpage) and let Larry or Gary know of suggested changes by Monday 14th July.

Website: is where we will be directing the public for information so please let Larry know of ideas for improvement.

Adjourned: 11:30 am