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New Scotland Airfield Operating

Atlantic School of Skydiving is on Halifax Terminal frequency 118.7 during  operations at New Scotland airfield, South Maitland. If they are in the air, terminal will know and   a NOTAM is filed each day before operations.

Mostly jumping is from 10,000 feet , parachutes are normally in the air within 3 miles of the airfield and approach the airfield from the upwind side.

Coordinates are 45° 16’N, 63° 30’W, approximately 9 miles S of Debert or 21 miles E of Stanley.

Visitors are welcome and need to be aware of and give way to jumpers in the air and on the grass runway.

Dave Williamson will happily answer any questions that may arise.

Business Case Report for G.A. at CFBG Submitted

On Tuesday afternoon the MMM Group Ltd. presented their report on the  Business Case for General Aviation at CFB Greenwood to the Kings County Council.  In the evening they repeated the presentation for the aviation community at the Waterville Firehall at 6:30 pm. There was question and answer period afterwards.  Printed copies of the report are available from Paul Easson.

The report is available as a PDF document here (4.7 Mbyte pdf)

Kings County to force the remnants of the Waterville airport to only look to going to CFB Greenwood

On 26th July the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the King County Council, Mr. MacEwan, posted a disertata and proposals (22 pages) called ‘Airport Relocation Stategy’ for the council to consider. You can read it at – Click Here for direct link

On the 29th of July In a four hour session, discussion among the Municipality of Kings councillors, several pointed out defects in the proposal, including abandonment of established processes and attempts to stiffle democratic rights. The proposal was presented only two days before the session and the public has not been included in the discussions.  All the arguments fell on deaf ears with respect to six of the councillors who had already made up their minds. The porposal was passed in a six for and five against vote. 

Only after the vote was the public at the meeting allowed offer their input to the proposal. The majority of which was condemnation of the process and the action taken that night and in previous council meetings about the airport. 

Basically, the ‘Strategy’ says

  • The Council reaffirms that Waterville Airport is closing
  • Disengages the MOK for any new airport facility
  • MOK only supports negotiate to relocate the airport to 14 Wing Greenwood
  • Delay closing of Waterville Airport to 2015 only if aviators take over the relocation. to Greenwood
  • The Airport Relocation Committeee is dissolved.

The CAO in his presentation before the discussion and vote, admitted that there is a flaw in the ‘Strategy’ in that the negotiation with CFB Greenwood may not be able to be concluded.  In that case, he allowed that ‘he’ would reconsider the possiblity of a different solution to the relocation of the airport.

It should be noted that on the original vote to close the Waterville airport, 10 of the 11 councillors voted for closure. In this vote only six of the 11 voted for the motion that reaffirmed closure. 

Kings County Airport Task Force of the AVFA.

Event: 10 March -The Kings County Council had voted to close the Waterville Airport on 30 Sept 2014
See – Closure Announcement here

The AVFA met on the 16th of March in Waterville to discuss what to do as a result of the Kings County Council’s decision to close the Waterville Airport next September. There were about 40 aviators and friends present.  A taskforce was established to plan for the future, whether by trying to get an extension of the closing date, by planning for a new airport for the region or other solution. The taskforce plans to work on these and more. See the Taskforce Pages in the menu above for more details.  If you are interesting in helping in the process, please fill in a form on the Taskforce Page and send it to Christoph Both

Kings County Airport to be closed by Council

 On Monday, March 10, 2014, the Kings County Municipal Council met in a closed meeting and then voted to close the Waterville (Kings County Airport). No reasons have been given for the closing other than to say it will make way for a ‘possible’ expansion of the Michelin Tire Plant.  The council seems to keep saying Michelin will use the land but Michelin has said publically that it has no plans to expand the Waterville plant.

The following is from

Waterville airport to close

County council voted 10-1 in favour of closing the municipal airport in Waterville during a special meeting held tonight.

The closure will take effect Sept. 30. The county has pledged to undertake a business case for a new airport.

Councillor Patricia Bishop told council she would not support the closure due to the process it took to reach the decision.

For an excellent report of the process behind this decision see Councilor Pauline Raven’s Blog   Behind Closed Doors 2

The Airport is a valuable part of the county infrastructure and has been been in operation off and on since World War II. Kings County took over the airport in 1975 with funds from the federal government.  It’s operations were improved with a grant from the federal government to extend the taxiway a few years ago. The Greenwood Flight School moved here and operates an active business training and repairing aircraft. Many aircraft owners have invested in the airport by building hangers at the airport. There is no other civil airport with a paved runway between Debert and Digby.  There is concern that their investment will now cost them money. See Hanger Owners want help with Airport Move.

All of this will be lost with this decision by the council. 

To replace (move) the airport will be a very expensive business. 

  • Land will have to be purchased
  • The land will have to be cleared and leveled
  • Runways and buildings will have to be built
  • Businesses and users will have to be attracted to the new location

The study that was recently done on the airport suggests a cost on the order of 10 million dollars.  The County does not have that money and will have to get it from other sources.  In reality, it is likely that the Kings County will have no airport any time soon.